College Graduated Like A Drop Out

I graudated from UESTC the U-Escaped-Shelters-The-Coward way. (though I got a swat on my graduation thesis (still don’t give a fuck



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It’s hard to re-pick the pen but somehow, one year later, I come back to here.

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Start It From Scratch

You may notice that I say ‘it’ in the title, and what I’m about to tell you is, YES, it’s not about ‘IT’. Just it, which refers to HipHop.

No doubt I’m a big fan of HipHop and I do it everyday, which gives me da confidence to say YES I AM HIPHOP.

I’ve been busy developing these days and the coming days, when I release my brain I just don’t wanna talk too much about programming. So I wanna talk about my HipHop life. I don’t wanna anyone judge me you know what I mean. Piz&Luv.

When and How

If you are somebody know me somethin’, you may know dat I can do a lot about what i’m fond of, I mean lots kinds areas of HipHop. I do poplock dance, old-skool HipHop dance, making beats, writtin’ and a little rap.I can dance some really, but in fact, I start doing HipHop from rap.